What to do after installing Ubuntu 15.04

Ubuntu the worldmost popular distro has launched its new distro called Vivid Vervet (15.04). When I installed on my old lappy EMachine 732z(with 4GB RAM) I feel its quite responsive stable till now no single crash. The biggest let down for me  is it still uses unity 7 and I was expecting unity 8. Every one want to customize its OS own way , I have done something to improve my experience , hope you will like it.


1. Updating Repos ...

Open Terminal and run this command

sudo apt-get update

2. Installing VLC

Vivid Vervet's movie player can play most of the multimedia  format by default but I love VLC Player

sudo apt-get install vlc

3. Security and Privacy

By default ubuntu tracks our activities like what we search and show in dash, which I don't want. so go to Settings > Security & Privacy > 

Disable Search then go to diagonostics and choose what will be sent to Canonical the Company behind Ubuntu.

4. Installed firefox extension adblock plus(for annoying Ads) and  DownThemAll(Download Manager).

5. Removed Libre Office and Installed Kingsoft Office .

6. Updated System through Update Manager(around 73MB)

7. Installed Gimp (linux photoshop best alternative for Image Manuplation)

8. Install Ubuntu Tweak

First Impression  of Ubuntu 15.04

Boot - 36 seconds

RAM usage on idle(in Start) - Around 370-390 MB (Using  64bit)

CPU Usage - 0-5%

ubuntu resource usage

Conclusion :

A stable, secure , responsive OS,  but if you have old hardware then consider Lubuntu or xubuntu . Runs smoothly on 2GB RAM

 Category : Open-Source   Posted By : Sanjay   on 2015-05-06 09:08:17

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