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We have seen a lot of startups in the internet space recently. However, I found one to be drastically different than the rest. What they do? They share people’s Dard (Grief/Sorrow). Yes! And when I tried to get in touch with them this is what they had to say.

The world of communication has grown by leaps and bounds. People can speak with their loved ones who are miles away. Yet, the number of patients visiting psychiatrists, counselors and the like has kept on increasing. But people still shy away from talking about their most innate concerns and feelings with family members or even close friends. We envisage a place where people can open up, discuss their worries and apprehensions with people who have already faced the same and lighten their emotional burden without revealing their identity.

Core-Concept & Vision:
The core concept is an online network of people who can share their feelings, be it a trivial everyday issue or a life changing event; network friends can help each other in difficult times, they can also seek professional help from psychiatrists in their vicinity (we would provide a customized database for the same), or from a self-owned counseling center.
Our vision is to create a place where each one of us gets an outlet for one’s emotional build-up, subsequently enriching one’s daily life & emotional health.
For this we have also launched a National tele-counseling arm by the name ‘Your Candid Friend’ which will be operational shortly. This will help people get access to professional counseling instantly through their telephones.

Market Potential:
Our service would cater to almost each & every one of the 180 Mn (as on June ’12) internet users in the Indian subcontinent. However, we plan to target users based on their age, location, lifestyle, socio-economic classification, types of issues they face in life. This not only facilitates the pursuit of our vision but also helps us measure our success.

Revenue Streams:
The major revenue contributing streams would be counseling services through internet, phone etc. Advertising on the website, Tie-up with professionals & Corporates (psychologists, recreation centers, and niches like hair transplant & weight loss agencies), E-commerce Branch, Market intelligence reports etc.

Go-To Market Strategy:
Our target consumers belong to the age-group of 16 - 40 years; located in tier 1 and tier 2 cities of India and are familiar with social media.
To reach our target audience we will execute a 360 degree approach involving both ATL and BTL activities like Conferences, Talk shows, Ad Campaigns etc. with major emphasis on online marketing and advertisement.
We also have a facebook page at this link:
Also some more recognition that we received from other eminent writers can be seen here

We are four enthusiastic and young IIM Grads (Sumant Gajbhiye    Ritika Sharma    Gaurav Rajan     Lima James who want build something that enriches the lives of many. Through our own experiences we have felt the need for the service that we are offering. We believe that with our passion to run this venture, thirst for success and zest for excellence we will take this endeavor great heights.

 Category : Website Review   Posted By : GAURAV RAJAN   on 2014-04-25 23:50:32

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