Google Adsense Alternative in India

If you have a website and want to monatize then there is no alternative of Google Adsense , Adsense offers best payout but its terms and condition is not suitable for small site and if you are from India, Pakistan or China then getting approval for you website is a difficult task. For adsense approval you need quality content  and dicent traffic (website should be 6 month older if your from India, Pakistan or China).

Google adsense alternative

For small website google sometimes terminate account without any reason. We are going to disscuss best alternative of Adsense who offers some value to your website.

Chitika :

If you have decent traffic from USA or Canada then please try Chitika, payout may not be comparable to adsense  but you will earn dicent amount of money. Minimum Payout is $10  through Paypal. For Indian publisers average cpc is about 0.04$. Chitika's offer ads for desktop and mobile but if you are using responsive website then chitika is not going to provide any solution .

Infolinks :

Infolinks is in-line text-advertising network offer various product like in screen , tag .... widly used in India but frankly it has only facebook ads and I suspects infolinks is paying any money, my website has 500-600 unique visitor but daily income never rich 0.05$ . Infolinks is not offering any CPC programme for Indian Publisers so please avoid it. Kontera is also like Infolinks. Minimum Payout $50 through Paypal.

Bidvertiser :

Bidvertiser is also not Responsive  but offer ads seperatly for mobile and desktop. Minimum Payout is $10  through Paypal . In my test earning through Bidvertiser is good compare to chitika and Infolinks got $4.5 for 14500 pageviews which is quite good.

I am Looking for better alternative of adsense so if you know then please let me through comments.

 Category : Others   Posted By : Sanjay   on 2015-03-31 11:08:22

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