Future Safe complete Open Guide to SEO for Beginners

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is now become essential part of web development and now professional pay attention as they know generating web traffics without adhering search engines is quite difficult. As we know for a website traffic generated from search engines is great accomplishment . In this tutorial I am going to share some basic things avoided by most of the professional .

Basic SEO has always been same for years but now Google become smart and implementing those things through their updates Panda and Penguin. I am not going to explain Panda and penguin but thinking to write an article in coming weeks. So, shall we start .....
This Tutorial is focus more towards onpage Optimization.

CONTENT(Most Important):
Content Should be unique and not copied from anywhere , This is most important Ranking factor use Copyscape before publishing any article.

TITLE (Second Most Important):
Always remember title should smaller than 70 characters and descriptive as visitors get attracted after reading it. Title of page should be unique, for unique title and keyword analysis you can use Google\'s Adwords keyword tool, Goolge Trends and Goolge Webmaster.
Biggest issue - Duplicate Title for dyanamically generated titles.
For creating Title and Meta tag use our Free Seo tool available at http://www.openplus.in/seo/

Meta Description provides a description of your webpage to search images , its an important one but not cumpulsory.
Challenges - Meta Description should be unique for each page, implementation is quite difficult in dyanamically generated content.

H1, H2, H3 ... and :
A page should Contain only one H1 tag, search looking for H1 Tags so you can optimized it.

H2,H3 .... should be used for special points and em and strong is used to wrap special words. ALT Tag:
Never leave any image without alt tag if you wish your images should indexed in search engines in image category. Anchor text and Hyperlinks:
Anchor Text should be small and descriptive, avoid common phrase click here , read more when creating link at other website. To protech your PR juice use rel nofollow in hyperlinks.
Soon I am going to update this article with 5 more factors. Keep visiting this page for future update.

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