Modi-Man Of Devoloping India

1. Narendra Modi enhanced the tourism of Gujarat and increased the revenue. 2. He has built 14 airports in Gujarat, the maximum in an Indian state and those airports are clean and serene. 3. He has banned alcohol, gutka and many drugs. 4. He reduced the prices of goods in Gujarat and many villages develop with solar power and the best developing village is rewarded by him. 5. The roads in Gujarat are the best in whole India and there will be no water logging in the roads.The quality of roads is like an European country\'s road. 6. He promises the people more than what he has mentioned in his election campaigning. 7. 70% of the Gujarati people want him as the PM of India. 8. India needs to recover from the regime of Congress and only Modi can save India from the corrupt. 9. Most of the media support UPA. Media drag him in persecution of muslims in Gujarat but don\'t drag Omar Abdullah in persecution of hindus in J&K. But still, he is against all odds and an achiever. 10. A good leader must make a common man happy like Modi. JAI HIND

 Category : Others   Posted By : Nkumar   on 2013-07-13 02:32:03

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