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Google Adsense Alternative in India

If you have a website and want to monatize then there is no alternative of Google Adsense , Adsense offers best payout but its terms and...

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Samsung Tizen Z1 a solid low end Smart phone

Its time for reviewing a phone with a new OS called Tizen (Linux based) Samsung Z1 price at Rs.5700, one can get this phone at Rs.5400....

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Karbonn Titanium S4 plus cheapest android with 1GB RAM

Karbonn launched cheapest android phone with 1GB RAM named Karbonn Titanium S4 plus at Rs.3999. If we talk about its specification S4 plus...

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Zen Firefox OS Phone – U105 Fire

Zen mobile launched their first Firefox OS based smart phone called Zen Firefox OS Phone – U105 Fire to compete against Alcatel Fire...

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419 means ? do u want to know what it means? press down.. ............... it means four hundred ninteen tomorrow i will teach you mean of 420.In 1947 suhagrat...
Author - Rajesh
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Humein aap ki jaan nahi sirf saath chahiye, sacche ishq ka sirf ek ehsaas chahiye, jaan toh ek pal mein di jaa sakti hain, pr hume apki mohabbat aakhri sans tk...
Author - Adroitseo
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पति-पत्नी के झगड़े में पत्नी कुछ बढ़-चढ़कर बोल गई। . . . पति ने...
Author - Sanjay
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Congratulation Australia for wining Cricket World Cup Fift Time, you played really well, India and New zeland also played well.
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Samsung is all set to launch its new flagship models, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, in India today. With the new models, Samsung has taken a quantum...
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WhatsApp voice-calling feature now available for all Android users, but need an invitation to activate it, it will to better to use Viber / hyke massenger ...
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