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Learn more about DOEACC O Level Course

If you want to enhance your computer skill and looking  for ideal course than DOEACC  O can be a good option. O level is better...

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Install Xampp on Linux (Ubuntu , Mint or any other Distro)

If you want to install Apache,PHP, MYSQL (with PHPMYAMIN) and feels traditional way some what difficult then you can try XAMPP. XAMPP is a...

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Need of Examination India

Examinations are tests for evaluating a student’s knowledge. The present system of the education ignores the student individual...

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Notepad++ alternative application for Linux

Notepad++ is one of most used application on windows environment, can be  used for various languages like C, C++, CSS, HTML,...

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Nai nai friendship hui facebook pe.. numbers exchange hue.. phir.. girl - hello darling kya kar rahe ho? boy - shave kar raha hoon.. girl -jab bhi mai tum ko...
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Dosti  ka pehla paigam aap ke naam,zindagi ki pehli sham aap ke naam,is safar me humsafar hai hum dono,aab is dosti ko nibhana hai aap ka kaam....mana ke...
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Aarj haiteri berukhi ko bhi rutba diya humne,wah wahteri berukhi ko bhi rutba diya humne, pyar ka har farz ada kiya humne.suban allah  .... mat soch ki...
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Zorin Launched Zorin OS 9 Lite and Educational Lite, Distro is based on Ubuntu (14.04 LTS) LXDE environement .
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The Reserve Bank will soon issue Rs 1,000 denomination banknotes with inset letter R in the Mahatma Gandhi Series-2005. (source:
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Aircel Free Facebook offer (one time) free 50MB validity 60 days call *121*230#
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