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तुझे पता है...मैंने उस लड़की के लिए सिगरेट पीना छोड़ दिया, जुआ...
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Ek Boodha ek ladki se takra gaya. Boodhe ne ladki se bola: Sorry! Ladki: Andha hai kya..... Dikhta nahi hai... Is umar mein bhi ye sab... Pata nahin kahan...
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Question : what is love and explain in details ? ( 20 marks) usa's student....... answer: love is life. (marks : 5 out of 20 ) uk's student...... answer : love...
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Oracle has announced the release of Oracle Linux 7.0, a distribution rebuilt from source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
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Chinese smartphone maker Gionee has announced theAndroid KitKat 4.4.2 update for Gionee Elife E7 mini, CTRL V5 and Elife S5.5 has already got the KitKat update
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Tomato price is increaing by leap and bound and about to touch as it reach Rs 80 per kg in Delhi
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